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Vinyl Siding Warp

Warping or buckling of vinyl siding panels that have been repainted.

Possible Cause:
Siding was painted with a darker color paint than the original color. Dark paint tends to absorb the heat of the sun, transferring it to the substrate.
When vinyl siding expands dramatically, it is not able to contract to its original dimensions.

Paint vinyl siding in a color no darker than the original. Whites, off-whites, pastels and other very light colors are good choices.
No primer is necessary if the siding is in good condition.
A quality latex house paint in a satin or low-luster sheen is the best type of paint to use on vinyl siding because the superior flexibility of the paint film enables it to withstand the stress of expansion and contraction cycles caused by outdoor temperature changes.
Siding that has warped or buckled should be assessed by a siding or home repair contractor to determine the best remedy. The siding may have to be replaced.

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