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Paint Problem Solver

The Paint Problem Solver will help you identify, correct and prevent commonly found problems. The guide is divided into interior and exterior sections, with example photos and descriptions for easy identification of the problems you may be facing in your home or work place.

Interior painting problems
Exterior painting problems
1.Blistering 1.Alligatoring
2.Blocking 2.Blistering
3.Burnishing 3.Chalking
4.Caulk Failures 4.Chalk Run-down
5.Cracking/Flaking 5.Cracking/Flaking
6.Foaming/Cratering 6.Dirt Pickup
7.Lapping 7.Efflorescence/Mottling
8.Mildew 8.Fading/Poor Color Retention
9.Mud Cracking 9.Frosting
10.Picture Framing 10.Lapping
11.Poor Flow/Leveling 11.Mildew
12.Poor Hiding 12.Nailhead Rusting
13.Poor Print Resistance 13.Paint Incompatibility
14.Poor Scrub Resistance 14.Peeling
15.Poor Sheen Uniformity 15.Poor Alkali Resistance
16.Poor Stain Resistance 16.Poor Galvanized Metal Adhesion
17.Roller Marks/"Stipple" 17.Poor Gloss Retention
18.Roller Spattering 18.Surfactant Leaching
19.Sagging 19.Tannin Staining
20.Surfactant Leaching 20.Vinyl Siding Warp
21.Wrinkling 21.Wax Bleed
22.Yellowing 22.Wrinkling

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