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Poor Hiding
Failure of dried paint to obscure or "hide" the surface to which it is applied.

Possible Cause:
Use of a lower quality paint.
Use of low quality tools/wrong roller cover.
Use of an improper combination of tinting base and tinting color.
Poor flow and leveling (see poor flow/leveling).
Use of a paint that is much lighter in color than the substrate, or that primarily contains low amounts of hiding organic pigments.
Application of paint at a higher spread rate than recommended.

If the substrate is significantly darker, it should be primed with a high-quality latex primer or stain killer before applying the top coat. Use a top quality paint for better hiding and flow. Use quality applicators and use the recommended roller nap, if rolling. The type and quality of the applicator can significantly influence the quality of your paint job. Follow manufacturers' recommendation on spread rate. Make certain to use the correct tinting base for custom-tinted paints.

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