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Department Of Labor and Industries Registered as Provided by Law as Specialty Contractor for

CB -- Painting / Wall Covering
PW -- Pressure Washing
CC -- Plastering
License Number: EASTSP*973JG

Certificate Of Insurance
Painting Contractor
Insurance Company: CBIC
Producer: Insurance Services Group, INC.
Fred Kempe
P.O. Box 1988
Issaquah, WA 98027
P.O Box 1271
Issaquah, WA 98027
Policy Number: INSSE9257

Continuous Contractor's Surety Bond
Painting Contractor
Bonding Company: CBIC
Producer: Insurance Services Group, INC.
Fred Kempe
P.O. Box 1988
Issaquah, WA 98027
Bond No: SE9257

Items To Discuss Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

1. Is the company licensed, boded and insured?
Hiring a legitimate company that is "in business" is often the minimum requirement for many homeowners. Being licensed, bonded and insured protects the homeowner, the contractor and employees. In addition, a legitimate company and its employees can be expected to behave in a professional manner.

2. What is included in a quote?
A proposal's purpose is to define the work that is being quoted. Something to consider when hiring a painting contractor is how much detail the proposal contains. A proposal that states all the facts is a blueprint for completing the job. A proposal should answer the following questions:
  • Are ceilings, walls, trim, closets and special circumstances covered?
  • What preparation is included?
  • How many coats of paint and what type of finish will be used?
  • Are materials included?
  • Starting date.
  • How long it is going to take to finish the job.

3. What should be done before work begins?
Before prep work and painting can begin, furniture and accruements will be moved to the center of the room, leaving at least four feet of access. PaintPro will move couches, hutches, many common types of drapes, beds, empty entertainment centers, some pianos, and other things as needed. All furniture will be covered with plastic and woodwork will be taped and masked as necessary. Homeowners are responsible for moving small items such as pictures, figurines, vases, lamps, artwork and highly prized or valuable items. In addition, special arrangements may need to be made to move computers, waterbeds, aquariums, fancy drapes, grandfather clocks and other large pieces of furniture. If closets are included, homeowners will need to empty them.

4. What are your preferences regarding the following items?
Access: A typical day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends by 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. If someone is not available to let us in, a lock box may be used. The combination can be set to any non-repeating four-digit number.
Parking: If parking is an issue, please inform me of appropriate arrangements.
Health Issues: People who have acute asthma, are pregnant, or are allergic to latex should vacate the area while work is being done. The good news is that vapors should dissipate within a short period of time.

5. Clean Up
Clean up is done at the end of each day. Sometimes tape, pager, plastic, drop cloths or equipment may need to remain in place overnight. Specific situations can be discussed on an individual basis. "Broom clean" refers to an industry standard that includes sweeping messes that have been created during completion of work. Typically we do not mop or vacuum the entire work area. At the end of each job tape, paper, plastic and garbage is removed. Cover plates, furniture, light fixtures drapes are put back in place. Excess paint will be left and marked.

6. How long will the job take and when can Eastside PaintPro start?
Most jobs can be estimated to within plus or minus a day. People are frequently surprised by how much work Eastside PaintPro can get done. Start dates can vary by a couple of days due to change orders from other jobs. If this project requires a firm start date we can accommodate this requirement.

7. Deposit
A deposit of one-third of the total amount due is accepted before work begins. Final payment is due when work has been completed.

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